Honoring Emily Dickinson

John Gregory Evans

12/26/2019 8:23:36 AM

[…] I had been hungry, all the Years—

My noon had Come to dine—

I trembling drew the Table near—

And touched the Curious Wine—[…] Emily Dickinson

Ah, the Curious Wine and trembling drew the Table to us near,

The only sinner I can find, are the ones who loathe Us here.

The Wise but Know the Secrets within,

Are the Ones who truly have not sinned.

For there remain a Truth in Absolutes

That bring our hearts together again.

Never has there been a biased heart

That loved themselves so near, apart,

My prayer to you is that within the Love

You find yourself in fires Divine,

That lead you to the Table here,

And drink her Love—thus, the Curious Wine!

This Fire to me that brings the Face of Christ,

Occurs upon the Lover not once, not twice, not even yet, thrice,

But in drawing His Table thus near our Hearts,

The un-believer threatened by his own trembling part,

Ne’er knowing This prayer lament, brings Love upon High—

We trust our Beloved in prayer and thought, ne’er wishing to tear and cry.