~11~ 12/23/2019 5:03:29 AM

Upon reading Ovid’s, Metamorphosis, I sense there has been no change in man’s character since Ovid’s Silver Age of betrayal, not only to himself, but his Creator God, too. Sad! Mankind has for measure upon measure elicited more harm upon his neighbor, himself, the earth, and his Creator.

Metamorphosis does demonstrate mankind’s hostility towards one another, the implications are we shall all truly die a gruesome kind of death.

We shall not survive and inevitably all shall be exiled unto foreign lands.

Ovid’s book, upon his death in exile, may be (upon looking back to his death before the CE), suggest we may never return to God without a Christian’s perspective of redemption through a Savior.

Our (Christian’s Savior), of course, is Jesus Christ. With the Metamorphosis (as I read to 180), I witnessed in Ovid’s time redemption was not an option aside from prophecies, and the coming of a Messiah. Ovid, in my mind, did not know of Christ living during the CE.

A truly elegiac form and nature poetic composition that truly mankind should be aware of and be made aware to the public. As a result, poetry has her own redemptive qualities, as well.

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