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~10~ 12/22/2019 8:12:58 AM

My prayers fall within the silent seas, quiet, twilight, prior, a red sky at night, I am in delight.

Mother, mother, this unseen ember of fire sweeps over me in a heated rise, I shalt not want, for the fear of being burned alive, I’ve ne’er liked, take it away, even if the fire’s known as love.

I detest fire for it swept the garden and burned it down, and humanity’s origin exiled where they’d frown, until their eternal rest, eons away.

And now, the humanity factor delves in where angels fear to tread, I do, too. Always, richness in a womanly life, but, poor boy, so lonesome bearing so much strife.

I keep away, ne’er to return to this heavenly peril (a man just learns), and I know a difference of right and wrong.

So, is she all the beauty she swears by? I mean, if there remains a point of no return, and I be the fool, foolish be or foolish not, I lean into not even a mother’s love for here, one may be fooled as well.

No sir, I trust not…for those days are gone forever bye. Though now, I string my words to pleasure my day, in a quasi- term fest, where the quill and page are here to stay.

Though, as many others with a genius stance, I swear one day I’ll perform my last dance

upon not a wooden floor strewn with sawdust, but within the mockery of Jacob’s Ladder, I kiss not the stars of heaven, for I no longer smile.

I kiss the Sepulcher but only once, then sadly still, lay down and die.

Thus, the golden mind of Peace.

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